Permits and Design Services

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Eco-Kit Design

Design & Property Research

Every potential client will receive a 15 minute design consultation followed up by an initial mock-up design for their existing property
Customized Plan Sets

Site Plans & Blueprints

Our Design Plan Set Services are available upon request and can quickly take you from initial concept to having your own
Permit Services

Turn-Key Permit Services

After we have completed your Plan Set Services for your Eco-Kit, we can then move on to the next step in the process which is to

Free Of Charge

We shall also, if requested create a
“Property Report” by contacting the local planning department on your behalf. This “Property Report” provides fast zoning, feasibility and cost analysis to help you evaluate your options for your property in a single report.

Unique Customized Steel Eco-Kit Design

This Customized Eco-Kit Design will contain a
2D floor plan, a site plan, and your own set of “generic” architectural blueprints deigned by our architect to be shared with your local architect or engineer. Having your own set of blueprints will Save You Ton’s of Time & Money!

Assist You with Your Permit to Build

To do this we work with a local architect or Engineer of your choice, to provide them 3 sets of signed and stamped engineered steel structure & foundation plans(purchased when you executed our Eco-Kit contract), as well as the set of “generic” blueprints we created for you. The local architect or engineer will transfer our set of blueprints over to their system to make any modifications needed for electrical, plumbing and mechanical, to meet local codes.

  • Free Initial Design Consult
  • Free Initial Mock-Up Design

Property Research:
Typically runs $200 to $300

  • We call your city planning department to confirm your property’s requirements.
  • We Schedule and Conduct a follow-up call or Zoom Meeting to discuss the feasibility for your property.
  • We provide suggestions for interior and exterior trim options.
  • We discuss potential risks and uncertainties for your project.
  • We cover discussions from each contact to city offices for your project.
  • We cover expected timelines for the project.
  • Delivered within 1-3 days business days from your date of order.
  • Free Initial Design Consult
  • Free Initial Mock-Up Design

Floor Plans & Blueprints:
Typically runs $400 to $800

  • We work closely with you to layout a floor plan to maximize your interior space.
  • You Custom Steel-Eco Kit has No Load Bearing Interior Walls to worry about, so you are free to layout the interior any which way you like.
  • In addition to your Eco-Kit having No Load Bearing Walls, we can design it to have Exposed Rich Looking Steel Interior Columns and Ceiling Beams, or to partially, or completely hide them wherever you are planning to have interior walls.
  • Our Design team will generate a 2 Dimensional Floor Plan Layout, as well as a 3 Dimensional Interior Layout, so that you can visualize how you might possibly lay out your Custom Steel-Eco Kit
  • Next we will have our Architectural Team begin creating your “Generic” Set of Blue Prints. to include your Electrical, plumbing and Mechanicals
  • Free Initial Design Consult
  • Free Initial Mock-Up Design

Turn-Key Service:
Typically runs $1000-$1500

  • If you require assistance with the permitting of your Steel Eco-Kit in states such as Arizona, Colorado, and possibly California, we can usually accommodate you
  • This Is done by combining Our Engineered plans for both the structure and your foundation, the architectural plans generated by our internal architectural team, and locating and working with a local architect or engineer to generate a full set of Stamped & signed plans to be submitted to the local planning and zoning department.
  • Once we have all the required documents gathered from all parties we will begin the process of submitting your Steel Eco-Structure to the proper departments.
  • Note: The permitting process varies city by city, county by county, and state by state, We will advise you as to the timelines for permit approval as part of our initial “Property Research” phase.
  • Finally, we will make a concerted effort to keep you informed of the timelines as the progress and or change.

* ** Services may be sourced through NuEco or directly from providers on an as required basis. Pricing for such services is determined by third party providers. *** This service is only available for order once a Kit has been ordered for the property. Pricing will be calculated depending on the requirements, style, location and complexity of the design. Not all properties will be offered this option, particularly if the report determines that, for example, variances are likely to be required for project approval, or requirements for the project are substantially more customized than a standard residential design.

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