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About us


We Engineer Each & Every Kit For Your Location!


Our Steel Building Kits are designed exclusively with pre-engineered steel building components.

This allows us to deliver a superior platform combined with the latest engineering and construction technology.

Our buildings are designed to meet or exceed your local code, while resisting earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.

Cost of Housing Is at an All-Time High

Our Steel Framed Kits can offer affordable housing solutions to those in need.

They Can Be Built to Offset

They can also be built to offset the cost of tuition, medical bills, or even subsidize a mortgage.

Just What You Are Looking For

Whether you are looking for a place for a family member, a way to subsidized the cost of your current home, or to help a local veteran, senior, or disabled individual, our ADU Kits may be just what you are looking for.

The economical lightweight steel frames are easily transported and can be put up quickly by two or three-person crew in a matter of a few days.